Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
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Ariana Grande hints at tracklist in 'Breathin' video

Ariana Grande hints at tracklist in 'Breathin' video

Do not be fooled by the song's snarky title; instead of blaming her exes for heartache, Grande presents the overlying theme that the short-lived compatibility between herself and each former romance has brought her closer to self-actualization, culminating to a deeper sense of identity and maturity. And this new single set fire to the canvas. In the moments many desire to shout their anger into the void on social media or burn down the memory of their past relationship in any public or private manner possible, Grande chose a different path.

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes is glad he's not been put on blast in Ariana Grande's latest track.

Hinting that her good pal Victoria Monét, who helped her co-write the greatest damn song in the world rn, was behind a lot of the insane shenanigans, she tweeted: "U random as sh*t @VictoriaMonet". She was calling my bluff.

Ariana has had a tough time over the past three months, and she recently told her followers on Twitter that she has been relying on therapy to help her get through. How she handles pain.

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One imagines, therefore, that Ariana Grande is already working on his new album.

It certainly isn't a Beyoncé level anthem that spurs you to take your hurt and kick the lover who broke your heart to the curb, no matter how many times they apologize.

"She taught me love. You never, you never...well, I suppose you just grow as a person, don't you?" Plus the debate on whether or not scientists should try to let aliens know that we are here.

She has previously explained that the song is about her struggle with anxiety.

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