Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump actually did way better than Obama in his first midterm

Trump actually did way better than Obama in his first midterm

Speaking at a wide-ranging White House press conference, Trump, by turns combative and conciliatory, said Democrats and Republicans should set aside partisanship to work together. They talked on election night about doing an infrastructure package and lowering health care costs, particularly around prescription drugs, priorities for both sides.

Views on sexual harassment diverged similarly: About 8 in 10 said they see it as a "serious problem", and almost two-thirds of them voted Democratic.

A Democratic House isn't going to put the USA back in the Iranian nuclear accord or the Paris climate agreement, and is unlikely to challenge Trump's protectionist line on trade.

"Cory, everybody in this room is ready to get on board and make sure that happens", Menendez, also a Democrat, said. "Because we have a thing called the United States Senate", Trump said.

A congressional probe would be more public than special counsel Robert Mueller's current investigation into Russian election interference - and wouldn't run the risk of being shut down by Trump.

"But Mia Love gave me no love".

Democratic leaders plan to satisfy those demands by using their newfound majority to push through long-stalled initiatives that they say have broad support within the electorate. "Yesterday was such a very Big Win, and all under the pressure of a Nasty and Hostile Media!"

But Pelosi pointedly told supporters the Democratic victory was about "restoring the Constitution and checks and balance to the Trump administration.It is about stopping the [Republicans] and Trump administration's assault" on two government-run medical insurance programs for older and impoverished Americans "and people living with pre-existing medical conditions".

Trump said he hadn't asked Pence yet but then turned to the vice president and said: "Mike, will you be my running mate?" You are a rude, bad person, you shouldn't be working for CNN.

Trump said he is "looking at different people for different positions", adding that "it is very common after the midterms".

Dead Brothel Owner Elected To Nevada State Assembly In Landslide
The 36th Assembly District is situated in the south portion of Nevada, and includes portions of Nye, Lincoln, and Clark counties. Arguably the single biggest victor in the US Midterms is a brothel owner who has been elected as a congressman for Nevada.

Republicans backed by the White House defeated Democratic senators in several states won by Trump in 2016 - Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota.

The Democrats flipped the Republican-held Colorado Senate, Maine Senate, Minnesota House and both chambers in New Hampshire.

Mr Trump also congratulated the new governor-elect of Florida Ron DeSantis, who fended off a challenge from the Democrats.

The result left Washington braced for the prospects of partisan warfare, with the Democrats poised take over House committees, giving them the power to hold hearings, call witnesses and issue subpoenas to administration officials.

Facing a divided government and the threat of House committee investigations, Mr. Trump promised to pursue bipartisan cooperation but put the onus on Democrats to meet him halfway. This will include a review of the heretofore elusive Trump corporate and individual income tax returns. Additionally, in 2014, Obama lost the Senate.

The US and Saudi Arabia have always been key allies, and Trump made the country his first stop overseas as president.

But without overwhelming numbers, Democrats will not have the strength to push numerous initiatives their left flank ran on: a single-payer health care system, boldly expanded college access and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that is at least reined in. Many of those incumbents retired in part because of Trump.

The mixed verdict in the first nationwide election of Trump's young presidency underscored the limits of his hardline immigration rhetoric in America's evolving political landscape, where college-educated voters in the nation's suburbs rejected his warnings of a migrant "invasion".

But after eight years in the minority, Democrats hoping to reclaim the White House in 2020 will also have to prove they are interested in governing - and temper the liberal ambitions of the party's most ardent left-wingers.

Democratic gains included several suburban districts eyed for turnover because they were won by Hillary Clinton, including seats outside Washington, Philadelphia, Miami and Denver.

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