Published: Tue, November 06, 2018
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Midterm elections in pictures 2018: Who will win the election TODAY?

Midterm elections in pictures 2018: Who will win the election TODAY?

Donald Trump completed a whirlwind final push to stop Democrats from breaking his Republicans' stranglehold on the US Congress in bitter midterm elections Tuesday. Still, it's coming down to the wire and could be key in deciding which party ends up with control of the Senate. Both parties are working frantically as the election is being seen to be crucial to halt or support Trump's protectionist policies, considered regressive by the Democrats and valid by his supporters.

"If the radical Democrats take power they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and our future", Trump declared in Cleveland, using the same heated rhetoric that has defined much of his presidency.

The Democrats would need to win two more Senate seats to gain control of the Senate.

Should Democrats take the House, they will be able to block party-line legislation and chair several critical committees with appropriations and subpoena power, making it hard for the president to unilaterally decide what priorities to fund, and opening him and his aides to investigation on countless fronts. "They will be emboldened because if the Democrats take it by a narrow margin, there will be deep divisions within the Democratic Party".

Democrats could derail Trump's legislative agenda for the next two years should they win control of the House or the Senate.

Some Democrats have already vowed to force the release of his tax returns.

"The midterm elections used to be, like, boring, right?" the president asked supporters. Kemp faces allegations that he attempted to prevent thousands of black voters from casting their ballots. And 76 percent of people earning less than $30,000 say they aren't better off.

Since the midterm elections start on Tuesday, Trump is giving three speeches around the country as part of his final crunch to motivate voter turnout.

Republicans were keenly aware that losing their majority will hamstring his political agenda over the next two years.

Democrats boast record diversity on the ballot.

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Another 36 states will also elect governors as well as numerous seats in their state legislatures.

Obama also appeared later on Sunday in his old home state of IL, which hosts a competitive governor's race and several tight U.S. House of Representative races.

This is because Democrats have more seats up for re-election this year, with the Republicans defending only nine. "You see how they've behaved". He added that one element of surprise people have seen is the rapid pace of regulatory cuts, which have had a massive impact on the USA economy. The demographic shifts also reflect each party's closing argument. "I don't think so", Trump said, invoking images of the caravan of Central American migrants moving through Mexico.

On the other hand, if Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate, they will have bucked history and delivered a major blow to the Democratic Party. "Health care for millions of people". But if the GOP loses its majority it will need to to go on defense to protect Trump. The Senate is a different matter.

The approach has drawn a push back from some in his party, with Paul Ryan, the top Republican in the House, reportedly urging Mr Trump to focus more on the booming U.S. economy, which has surpassed 3 per cent growth.

Texas - Incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz is facing off against progressive Democrat Beto O'Rourke in a battle for reliably Republican Texas. A conspiracy theory has also been put out that Jewish billionaire George Soros, a philanthropist and Democrat supporter, has facilitated the caravan to arrive in the United States and this theory has not only Trump's stamp of approval, but also widespread acceptance.

'I won it by a lot [in 2016], Mike is going to have a big victory, ' Trump said. "I think there will be no difference here". "The press is very much considering it a referendum on me and us as a movement".

"Early voting has surpassed total vote from four years ago", Parks said.

Trump's minions are counting on enthusiasm about core issues to trigger strong conservative voter turnout that preserves their majorities in Congress.

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