Published: Sat, November 03, 2018
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Overwatch Hero 29 Is Ashe, Here's What She Does - BlizzCon 2018

Overwatch Hero 29 Is Ashe, Here's What She Does - BlizzCon 2018

In it, he thwarts a train robbery attempted by the Deadlock Gang, a group of desert outlaws led by the new Overwatch hero.

At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard announced Ashe, Overwatch's latest hero.

After the short wrapped, Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan stoked the audience's curiosity and suggested that the Deadlock Gang and "the mysterious white robot" Echo would all make for great characters. Just as interestingly, it sounds like Ashe is voiced by Jennifer Hale, who in 2013 was awarded the Guinness world record for "most prolific female video game voice actor" for her work in games like Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect and plenty of others.

"Ashe quickly fires her rifle from the hip or uses her weapon's aim-down sights to line up a high damage shot". The idea of a hero call-in is new to Overwatch, so B.O.B. will truly be one of a kind. She also carries a coach gun that pushes enemies away from her and propels her backwards.

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"Ashe throws an explosive that detonates after a short delay or immediately when shot".

Finally, Ashe has the ability to call in her sidekick, B.O.B. "The explosion from Dynamite also lights enemies on fire, dealing damage over time". Her ultimate calls in Bob, her hulking right-hand man, who will rough up the enemy team and essentially add a seventh person to your team for a brief moment.

More Overwatch announcements are expected during the rest of BlizzCon this weekend.

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