Published: Fri, November 02, 2018
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Trump Tweets Controversial Video of Immigrant Cop Killer

Trump Tweets Controversial Video of Immigrant Cop Killer

The video now pinned on President Donald Trump's Twitter page features trial footage of an undocumented immigrant who was convicted of murder, interspersed with unlabeled images of masses of people pushing down walls and one individual admitting to a felony charge.

Bracamontes was sentenced to death in April for killing Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff's Detective Michael Davis a daylong crime spree that began at a Motel 6 on Arden Way and ended in Auburn.

The ad, which Trump posted to his Twitter page Wednesday and has since pinned to the top of his timeline, shows footage of undocumented immigrant Luis Bracamontes laughing as he says he killed police officers and promises to kill more. It adds: "Democrats let him into our country..."

The ad then turns to footage of the caravan of Central American migrants making their way towards the United States border.

Despite being slammed as racist, the Horton ads are said to have had a significant impact on Dukakis's chances and helped Bush to the presidency.

Horton, who was African American, raped a woman after he was released on a weekend furlough from a MA prison where he was serving a life sentence in 1987.

Trump Expands Fear-Mongering ‘Be Afraid Of The Caravan’ Campaign On Twitter
The migrants from Honduras say they are seeking to escape deteriorating crime-related, political and economic conditions. Republican Congressman Jason Smith said he was glad Trump is taking a stance on the caravan issue.

Democrats are generally favored to win the 23 seats they need to gain a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, an advantage they could use to block Trump's agenda.

There are attack ads, and then there are Willie Horton-type attack ads.

The ad, which has 2.06 million views by Thursday morning, concludes: "President Donald J. Trump and Republicans are making America safe again".

57 percent said they approve of the job Trump is doing on the economy compared to 43 percent who said they disagree.

Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who is known to criticize the president's rhetoric, told CNN's Jake Tapper that the ad represented a "new low in campaigning".

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