Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Heidi Klum Dresses as Fiona From 'Shrek' for 2018 Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum Dresses as Fiona From 'Shrek' for 2018 Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween, and this year, she's truly outdone herself.

The German-born supermodel and former Project Runway host, 45, has been turning out increasingly OTT Halloween costumes each year for well over a decade now, hosting lavish parties just so her guests can bath in her level of extra.

The 45-year-old model and America's Got Talent judge has hosted an annual Halloween party for almost two decades, and it always looks like a blast - but it's her jaw-dropping costumes year after year that make it one of the season's most anticipated events! Some fans, however, did predict that she'd be one half of a "Shrek and Fiona" couple's costume with Kaulitz (with whom she went public back in May).

This year, however, the America's Got Talent judge dressed up as Princess Fiona to Kaulitz's Shrek.

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Heidi Klum as Princess Fiona from 'Shrek.' Ability to engage in martial arts undetermined. They brought the kids too.

The Halloween & Costume Association started a petition asking President Trump to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October, rather than the fixed date of Oct. 31. In 2016, she made the holiday five times as special with her very own clones, and in 2015, she basically broke the internet as Jessica Rabbit.

In keeping with tradition, her costume has rendered her nearly-unrecognizable, with green-painted prosthetics changing not only the shape and size of her facial features, but her figure entirely.

More than 27,000 people have signed the petition so far.

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