Published: Mon, October 29, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

In Brazil started the second round of presidential elections

In Brazil started the second round of presidential elections

One of the most freakish and violent democratic elections in recent world history concluded today in Brazil with the election of Jair Bolsonaro, a candidate who has been a lightning rod for controvery due to his inflammatory rhetoric, and who missed several weeks of campaigning after he suffered a life-threatening stab wound while on the campaign trail earlier this year.

In Sao Paulo, supporters gathered on Avenida Paulista, the city's main thoroughfare, with flags and banners that read Bolsonaro's "Brazil above everything, God above everyone" slogan.

"I'm afraid to go out at night when it gets dark", said Raquel Nunes, 27, a secretary from Sao Paulo and an avid Bolsonaro supporter, as The Wall Street Journal reported.

As late as Sunday morning, Haddad was still holding out hope that he could win after several key endorsements late Saturday.

A separate poll put Bolsonaro's support at 54 percent.

In addition, the transition period until January 1, when he will be sworn in to replace outgoing President Michel Temer, now gives Mr. Bolsonaro time to "reconfigure" and soften some of his more extreme talking points and positions, Almeida noted.

Haddad and Bolsonaro were the two candidates with the highest points in the first round of elections and will face off during the run-off on Sunday, probably being Brazil's most important elections in its history.

"I was never alone". Witnesses said several men shouted Bolsonaro´s name during an argument with a transgender woman in São Paulo on October 16, then killed her. Bolsonaro himself was stabbed during a rally in September. The website of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) recalled that in 2016, the Brazilian extreme right ring praised Macri's economic practices, as a result of which two years later, in 2018, the Argentinean peso was devaluated by almost 100 percent against the USA dollar. And scores of politicians and executives have been jailed in the Carwash corruption investigation that uncovered a multi-billion-dollar scheme to trade public contracts and official favors for bribes and kickbacks.

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Bolsonaro is an outspoken supporter of Brazil's brutal and repressive 1964-1985 military dictatorship, a period when hundreds of political opponents were murdered by the state and thousands more tortured.

The former army captain, with close ties to the military, has alarmed many with pledges to sweep political opponents off the map and comments denigrating women, gays and racial minorities. He also wants to let more Brazilians buy weapons to fight crime.

Throughout the campaign, dozens of politically motivated acts of violence were registered by voters, journalist and politicians.

"I'm not insane about Bolsonaro". "He felt a change in the flow of opinions, a need for a representative of conservatism - of certain values and concrete questions like security and anti-corruption".

Many observers predicted that a newcomer would emerge to harness the anti-establishment anger.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal says that with more than 94 percent of ballots counted, Bolsonaro leads with 55.5 percent of the vote to Haddad's 44.5 percent.

Bolsonaro comes to the presidency prompted by the protest vote of millions of Brazilians tired of corruption scandals, the economic crisis and the wave of violence that has punished the country in recent years.

The campaign gained momentum by winning over much of the business community with promises of enacting market-friendly reforms that would reduce the size of the Brazilian state, including cutting ministries and privatizing state companies.

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