Published: Sun, October 28, 2018
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Get This Red Dead Redemption 2 Free PS4 Theme , Download Link Within

Get This Red Dead Redemption 2 Free PS4 Theme , Download Link Within

One of the most expensive things to do in Red Dead Redemption 2 during the early goings of the story is to upgrade the gang's camp. As a player, you will be entitled to become the senior member of the gang and at the same time, you will be also put in charge of the camp's finances. Want to have something free?

The Companion additionally lets you examine Arthur's in-game Journal, provides statistic tracking through Social Club, contains the full digital game manual, plus an optional digital version of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Official Guide from Piggyback.

It's just 15.79MB in size, and you can download the Red Dead 2 PS4 theme (dynamic) in this download link that will bring you to the PlayStation Store. Check out what it looks like below. Using your touchscreen device, be it a phone or tablet, you can "pan and zoom the map, set waypoints or mark areas of interest with a tap on your screen".

Furthermore, the following parameters hint at the companion app also coming to the PC.

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Anyone who owns a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 will receive access to the online mode.

This includes the Red Dead Redemption 2 fast travel feature. That gives you an even clearer look at the game's attractive environment and vistas so that you're not constantly checking up on your health and hunger.

If you're looking to ride a train, you'll to need to purchase a ticket. And you are probably not going to see them this side of December.

Rockstar has confirmed it plans to launch the Red Dead Redemption 2 online beta in November 2018. Do not forget to opt for the option that most suits you.

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