Published: Wed, October 24, 2018
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No Such Thing as Too Much Exercise, Study Finds

No Such Thing as Too Much Exercise, Study Finds

"Cardiorespiratory fitness is a modifiable indicator of long-term mortality, and health care professionals should encourage patients to achieve and maintain high levels of fitness", said the researchers. "This relationship has never been looked at using objectively measured fitness, and on such a large scale".

So for their research, they chose to analyze long-term data from their own medical center, the Cleveland Clinic.

122,007 participants were studied retrospectively who underwent treadmill testing to measure all cause mortality relating to benefits of fitness and exercise; those with lowest exercise rates accounted for 12% of the subjects. Then, using social security and medical records, they tracked if and when the patients died.

"These findings emphasize the importance of aerobic fitness in overall health", the authors said. The researchers looked at the possibility of diehard gym rats and marathoners being at risk from pushing themselves too hard, but found that there's no link between an abundance of exercise and an early grave.

Does exercising make you live longer?

Runners in the City 2 Surf race
Runners in the City 2 Surf race

In fact, they found that those who were unfit in the treadmill had worse prognosis in regard to death risk compared to smokers, those who are hypertensive, or those who have diabetes. And the effects of elite exercise were especially profound in older people and those with high blood pressure.

It's nearly as if humans were meant to walk and run.

Other research has found that any amount of regular exercise will help you out in the long run, not just in prolonging your life but improving the quality of those last days. "We can see from the study that the ultra-fit still have lower mortality".

More than $200 billion is spent per year within the U.S. on CVD and diabetes; rather than paying huge amounts of money for disease treatment patients and communities should be heavily encouraged to be active and exercise daily explains Dr. Jordan Metzl; adding a big revelation from research is that fitness leads to longer and healthier lives, with no known limits to the benefits of aerobic exercise, as a study has shown that ultra exercisers are not at risks. Cleveland Clinic's health system includes a 165-acre main campus near downtown Cleveland, 11 regional hospitals, more than 150 northern OH outpatient locations - including 18 full-service family health centers and three health and wellness centers - and locations in Weston, Fla.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Toronto, Canada; Abu Dhabi, UAE; and London, England.

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