Published: Tue, October 23, 2018
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Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis Reacts to Film's Record-Shattering Reception

Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis Reacts to Film's Record-Shattering Reception

That said, Halloween did deliver the largest October opening day of all-time, topping Venom's $32.5 million.

I suspected that Halloween would put up huge numbers this weekend, but it wasn't until I attended a sold-out screening at 10 p.m. on Thursday (very unusual in my neck of the woods) that I realized it would be massive. Of course, last week Box Office Pro and others overshot the expectation with the call that Halloween would gross $80 million, basically tying with Venom's attendance record of 9.1 million people.

There was also more bad news for Damien Chazelle's biographical drama First Man, which recounts the story of Neil Armstrong's historic voyage to the moon.

"You take the nostalgia for 'Halloween, ' especially with the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, and you combine that with the Blumhouse brand and its contemporary currency in the genre and it just made for a ridiculously potent combination at the box office this weekend", Jim Orr, Universal's president of domestic distribution, told The Associated Press. In fact, until this weekend, Jamie Lee Curtis' biggest opening weekend was $29 million for Beverly Hills Chihuahua. That's the best opening ever for the 40-year-old slasher series.

Halloween, the reboot of the 1978 classic, has made a killing at the U.S. box office, raking in over $77m (£59m) during its opening weekend. Blumhouse was smart, however, to make the 2018 version a direct sequel to the original, and it helped that it was also very good.

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Some are obvious narrative references, like when Laurie speaks about the night in 1978 or when a voice recording of Dr. Loomis can be heard, but the far more interesting references are the ones in the form of the film itself.

The sequel, which stars Jamie Lee Curtis, adds to a blockbuster October.

The factors of Halloween's success are varied.

In "Halloween", Curtis plays Laurie Strode, reprising the role that made her famous in a final face-off with Michael Myers. It's like the Star Wars: The Force Awakens of slasher movies, sort of. That may not be saying much, but critical favor could have drawn certain skeptics out to the movies over the weekend. It's also the second-highest start for an R-rated horror movie, behind only the killer clown movie It ($123.4 million). Even First Man is holding better than expected.

Oddly enough, while it seems like the movies are having an fantastic October, this month is still quite low compared to many other years, even with one more weekend and 10 whole days left to go.

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