Published: Tue, October 23, 2018
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Devil May Cry 5's Ultra Limited Edition Costs $8,000

Devil May Cry 5's Ultra Limited Edition Costs $8,000

And finally, Dante's iconic outfit is, unsurprisingly, the most expensive at 900,000 yen (just under $8000). Are you interested in the Ultra Limited Edition of Devil May Cry 5?

The Boring Company has nearly finished its first tunnel
It originates at a property owned by SpaceX, one of Musk's other ventures, and runs about two miles under city streets. One of the proposed routes would take passengers from the District to NY in under 30 minutes.

In Japan, Capcom is releasing the Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition and, like other Capcom editions exclusive to Japan, this one is pricey. The version of the bundle that comes with V's jacket has the lowest price tag at 648,000 yen. V's bundle is the least expensive, perhaps owing to the fact that he's a new character and won't have the fan following that Dante and Nero do. Nero's jacket can also come with a damaged sleeve if you so desire. Reservations are now being taken by emailing Capcom at "" and will run from today, October 22 to Monday, November 19, 2018 at 10 A.M. All Jackets are 'one size fits all, ' apparently. You also get the game as well, of course, so around $60 will go toward that. In the meantime, head down to the comments section and let us know if you'd ever consider buying one of these bundles. Devil May Cry 5 will be launching on March 8th, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC with pre-orders now available via Amazon.

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