Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Woman leaves toddler on stranger's doorstep

Woman leaves toddler on stranger's doorstep

The father ultimately left the house for the evening, assuming that the mother had changed her mind about the drop-off.

The video shows the woman running toward the front door of the home while lifting the child in the air by one arm.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said the woman pulled up at the property in a white vehicle, and that the entire incident lasted just 23 seconds.

Sometime later, the unidentified woman who'd been taking care of the child, walked up to a house she says she believed belonged to the boy's father, knocked on the door, rang the bell and ultimately left the toddler standing alone as she drove away. She also left two bags behind.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, abandonment charges will likely be pressed against the woman, who is not the mother of the child, reported KXXV.

The video contained important clues, including the child's backpack in the shape of a monkey that the woman is seen carrying.

The little boy was not injured and "appears to be in good health", the sheriff's office said.

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Shocking security camera video shows a woman bringing a toddler to the door of a Texas home before ultimately leaving him there.

Deputies arrived and canvassed the neighborhood on Wednesday night, but did not find anyone who recognized the boy.

Royal was uninjured, but was taken into custody by Child Protective Services.Child Protective Services has taken custody of the child, deputies said.

Spencer says the boy's father lives next door. The entire incident lasted only about 23 seconds. Now that the child has been returned to his family, the freaky reason why he was left has finally been revealed. The sheriff's office said in doing so, it placed the child in grave danger.

"Looks like we have the charge of child abandonment".

Detectives are working with CPS to reunite the boy with the family.

Those who have information about the suspect in the case are asked to call Montgomery County Sheriff's Office 936-760-5800 or contact Multi-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-STOP.

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