Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Migrants moving again in Guatemala despite Trump threats

Migrants moving again in Guatemala despite Trump threats

Late Tuesday, Trump said via Twitter that Washington had told Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that the us will stop aid "if they allow their citizens, or others, to journey through their borders and up to the United States, with the intention of entering our country illegally".

He added that the United States has told Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that they will stop proving them with aid if they allow their citizen journey to the U.S. with the intention to enter illegally.

On Tuesday, Guatemalan officials detained a former Honduran lawmaker, Bartolo Fuentes, who was traveling with the caravan, along with two other men, according to a migration official.

They say they will turn away anyone who doesn't meet Mexico's immigration requirements.

The migrants said they were fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras.

"Republicans must make the horrendous, weak and outdated immigration laws, and the Border, a part of the Midterms!" he continued.

The group more than doubled in size from Saturday, when some 1,300 people set off from northern Honduras in what has been dubbed "March of the Migrant", an organizer said.

"We demand respect for the global right to migrate and to seek asylum and refuge under domestic and worldwide laws", the group said in a statement, adding they insisted the governments of the countries along the journey "not use repression, violence or force against the people who are fleeing as part of this mass exodus".

Mexico has also said it would block members of the caravan from entering its territory if they did not have permits.

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U.S. President Donald Trump warned his Honduran counterpart on Tuesday that he must stop a caravan of thousands of migrants that left his country over the weekend, bound for the United States.

US President's Donald Trump administration continues to demand tougher immigration policies and border security enforcement.

Trump has previously threatened Honduras over its aid in April, because of a previous caravan, but did not follow through.

Fuentes was to be taken to a shelter in Guatemala City and then deported, said the official, who agreed to tell about the detention only on condition anonymity because she was not authorized to discuss the case. Washington gave $175 million to Tegucigalpa past year.

He said Trump's message to Honduras also applied to Guatemala, "no more aid if it's not stopped!" The day before they covered some 30 miles (50 kilometers) to arrive in Chiquimula, after crossing the border into Guatemala Monday. In the fiscal year 2018, more than 360,000 illegal aliens were apprehended, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In the evening, Pence tweeted that that he had spoken with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales and "made clear our borders & sovereignty must be maintained".

Frank added that the caravan's rapid growth "underscores quite how desperate the Honduran people are - that they'd begin walking toward refuge in the United States with only a day back full of belongings".

But U.S. officials - and President Trump - warned the marchers.

She said that "some in the United States will be quick to raise alarms about a supposed unsafe immigrant invasion" and that "others will view these migrants with compassion and as further evidence of the need for comprehensive immigration reform".

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