Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Meghan Markle reveals the activity that is helping her through pregnancy

Meghan Markle reveals the activity that is helping her through pregnancy

The couple took part in a walkabout where fans lined the beach to meet the couple and gift them with everything from the typical teddy bears to carrots.

The Duchess of Sussex has already had her 12 week scan, meaning she's done with her first trimester.

Thousands turned out to greet Harry and Meghan with an array of colourful placards as Melbourne was overwhelmed with "MegMania".

Meghan and Harry visited the famous beach for Fluro Friday, a session aimed at encouraging discussion around mental health which included an "anti-bad vibes" circle and yoga practice.

The lifeguards gifted Harry and Meghan with "a little lifeguard uniform, mini shorts, mini shirt".

Usain Bolt 'turns down' contract with Maltese champions
The club's chief executive officer Ghasston Slimen told Australian media that he has offered Bolt a two-year contract. Bolt wasn't included in the Mariners squad for their opening A-League game in Brisbane on Sunday.

The cuteness continued into later in the day, when Harry and Meghan met a 5-year-old boy, Luke Vincent, who was infatuated with Harry's beard.

"Each and every one of us will experience poor mental health", Harry reportedly told the group. "She was jet-lagged and she just got up, did her yoga in the house, and that was enough to give her the energy to get her through the day".

Meghan Markle has compared pregnancy to jet lag during a conversation during her and Prince Harry's royal tour of Australia. He opened up on the beach about the role Meghan has played.

"I think there is still a lot of stigma around mental health and it's great that Harry and Meghan are addressing that here today", Ms Adams told AAP at the beach. She said she was "up up at 4.30am this morning doing yoga in her room as she couldn't sleep".

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