Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
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Legal cannabis in Canada: What you need to know

Legal cannabis in Canada: What you need to know

As of now, marijuana is legal for adults to own and use recreationally throughout Canada. As of this moment, citizens are allowed to purchase and legally possess cannabis. Despite the chaos and in many cases being unable to meet the high demand of the first days of sales, it was interesting to see what the trends were in sales for the first day of recreational sales.

They do not need a medical license or doctor's note; medicinal marijuana has been legal across Canada for two years.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation said it conducted 12,810 transactions totalling more than $660,000 in sales, of which nearly $47,000 were online, a spokeswoman said.

And business was booming throughout the day as sales kicked off across the country.

Canada's national approach allows unfettered banking for the pot industry, inter-province shipments of cannabis and billions of dollars in investment - a sharp contrast with prohibitions in the United States, where nine states have legalized recreational sales of pot and more than 30 have approved medical marijuana.

For instance, the cheapest option for those buying from the Ontario Cannabis Store is a gram of "Strawberry Ice", produced by Northern Harvest which sells for $7.50. "We believe this is the first step toward the establishment of cannabis as a key functional ingredient touching multiple consumer categories".

Canopy Growth said that 100,000 more units of its product will be sent to distributors across Canada within the next week. While recreational weed is legal in eight states, including Washington and ME, which border Canada, people can not travel to and from such states with marijuana because customs and immigration are under federal jurisdiction.

It could have been even worse had more brick-and-mortar shops opened for legalization but as there are still few retail locations and most orders being purchased online, the supply chain has not been strained excessively.

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Still, the country-wide supply crunch continued to make it hard for cannabis retailers to meet existing demand. Anyone found selling Marijuana to minor shall be imprisoned up to 14 years.

"We're not legalizing cannabis because we think it's good for our health".

Plus, the legal age for recreational possession of marijuana in California is 21, adding to the murkiness - and danger - of traveling internationally with a substance prohibited by USA federal law. "We're out of capsules online", Ms. Zanocco said.

"My father is going to be my first customer, and my second customer is going to be a lady who has [multiple sclerosis],' Thomas Clarke, who owns Thomas H. Clarke's Distribution cannabis retail store in Portugal Cove-St".

Alberta's online pot store also received heavy traffic as soon as 12:01 a.m. hit.

While some products were still available Wednesday morning, most of the marijuana flower products were sold out.

The country's incoming interior minister, Olga Sánchez Cordero, participated in some of those rulings as a Supreme Court justice and has said she will push for broad marijuana legalization.

Even though you can return your unopened product through the mail, the government will charge you a $10 return fee, so say you wanted to return one gram of the $10.05 weed, you would end up only get 5 cents back. "As we know the federal government has put in place additional licences, for example, and the product from those is coming on stream".

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