Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Muslim Council of Britain repeats call for action on rising Islamophobia

Muslim Council of Britain repeats call for action on rising Islamophobia

But it also noted "spikes following the European Union referendum and the terrorist attacks in 2017".

Yvette Cooper MP, chairwoman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: "Hate crimes can be devastating for victims, deeply divisive for communities and dangerously linked to extremism".

Religious hate crimes in England and Wales increased by 40 percent in the past year, according to a report from England's Home Office. Some of the rises were attributed to more victims coming forward, the Brexit vote and terror attacks.

In the previous year, race-based hate crime in Britain increased 14 per cent, while those based on sexual orientation increased 27 per cent, disability 30 per cent and transgender 32 per cent.

Mr Hogg said: "The number of hate crimes which are reported to the police has grown by about a quarter over the past four years".

Findings from the separate Crime Survey for England and Wales, which tracks the public's experience of crime, suggest a drop of 40% in hate crime incidents in the past decade.

Hate crimes against gay and bisexual people in the United Kingdom have rocketed by double-digit figures, new statistics show.

The Law Commission, an independent body, is reviewing the effectiveness of current hate crime legislation and assessing whether offenses should be added to the list.

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"But my message to people and communities affected by hate crime is that we stand in solidarity with you, and police recording of crime clearly shows that Government and police forces must not be complacent in rooting these crimes out".

More than three-quarters of hate crimes were racially motivated, the report said, with hate crimes motivated by the victim's sexual orientation making up 12 percent, religious hate crimes 9 percent, disability hate crimes 8 percent and transgender hate crimes 2 percent.

It forms part of a refreshed strategy aimed at improving the response to hate crimes and incidents, which are defined as those perceived to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a personal characteristic.

Islamophobic attacks in the United Kingdom spike sharply after deadly terror attacks in Manchester and London past year, according to official figures. This includes assault, harassment, stalking and malicious communications.

The Government is also set to unveil proposals for future legislation to tackle illegal and harmful online content.

"We must challenge prejudice and intolerance, whenever and wherever it appears in our society".

"Frankly, such a step is long overdue". Because no matter how firm anyone is in his or her beliefs, no one should commit physical violence or verbal abuse against another person for any reason.

"But the number of convictions for these crimes is tiny and, even when someone is found guilty, they often escape with flimsy sentences and paltry fines that do nothing to deter would-be abusers".

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