Published: Tue, October 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Woman who refused to let black neighbor into building fired

Woman who refused to let black neighbor into building fired

The woman was white. Hillary Brooke thought it was appropriate to question the man's right to enter the building. Mueller asks. Toles repeatedly tells her that he does live here, that he already swiped his key fob.

"It's my building as well so I need you to get out of my way", Toles responded.

Mueller's employer, property management company Tribeca-STL, said it found the interaction "disturbing", adding that the company won't "stand for racism or racial profiling". After reviewing the video Toles posted, the company released a statement saying she was sacked, and that it will "never will stand for racism or racial profiling at our company".

Even her estranged husband, who happens to be biracial with a Black father, wasn't down with her behavior. The video has more than 5.5 million views and has been shared over 113,000 times.

The 24-year-old then began to film the encounter as the woman, who was holding a dog on a lead, refused to move despite Toles' continuing pleas.

"Okay, I don't like the fact that you are blocking me from where I pay to live", he responded.

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The video shows the woman following him into the elevator, and all the way to his unit.

By Monday, Mueller's employer, Tribeca STL, a luxury apartment company, said it made a decision to fire her after seeing the video.

A video of the encounter shows Mueller, who lives on the third floor, standing in the doorway of the complex and demanding to see proof that Toles lives in the building. "Ma'am, you're not security". "I am just glad I had my camera out". I was shocked this is America in 2018!' "I would like to know whose friends, and why you are here", Mueller says when Toles asks why she is following her. I am not going to go after her legally or anything like that.

"I watched the video again ... and I felt like, honestly, I would react the same way again, but deep down inside of me I was too nice", Toles said Sunday, in a Facebook live video with Real STL News.

News 4 buzzed the woman's unit and also called numbers listed for her to get her side of the story, but she never answered. "At Tribeca-STL we want all residents, guests and visitors to feel welcome, safe and respected".

He said police arrived at his apartment about 30 minutes after he entered his apartment, but they left without giving anyone a citation. "I would still have a conversation with her, a presentable conversation with her".

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