Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

‘Star Trek: Discovery season 2’ reveals new Spock

‘Star Trek: Discovery season 2’ reveals new Spock

For everyone out there excited for Star Trek: Discovery season 2 to arrive, we come bearing great news! It's not Captain Kirk and crew though - the Enterprise is captained by Christopher Pike at this point in the Star Trek timeline. You know more than I know!

A fully bearded Spock is wheeled in and shocked back to consciousness for his introduction to Discovery, set a decade before the events of the classic television series.

The episode plays out in a similar fashion to a typical B-Plot on any number of Star Trek episodes, just without the main narrative of the Discovery in the foreground, it's goes from an nearly intense thriller vibe to a nice bit of comedy before settling gently into a rather thoughtful life lesson in the end, and I have to say I'm really digging this format. To that end, Kurtzman says that the season is about exploring the area between science and faith. We also now see that the Klingons have hair, leaning more into their traditional looks.

The new action-heavy trailer gives us our first idea of what the overarching plot of season two will be, as Captain Pike leaves the Enterprise and takes command of Discovery, apparently to pursue a mystery involving a series of seven signals spread throughout the galaxy.

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"I'm working with Anson Mount, who plays an wonderful Captain Pike, and we have discussed Mr. Spock". She also spoke about how Discovery highlights diversity. The actress explained that now she gets to play the good, late Captain Georgiou, but also the Mirror Universe version of the character who is... not quite as good, and not quite as late. Jones further teased that we may meet the predator species on that planet who hunt Kelpiens as prey.

Mary Chieffo said L'Rell is now the Klingon Chancellor but the male Klingons aren't happy being led by a woman.

Visually, the new trailer is all sorts of stunning, but we can not really say that this surprises us in the slightest.

Saru's family is going to grow in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

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