Published: Thu, October 04, 2018
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Damon Wayans Is Leaving Fox's 'Lethal Weapon'

Damon Wayans Is Leaving Fox's 'Lethal Weapon'

In another turn in the ongoing backstage roller-coaster at "Lethal Weapon", Damon Wayans made a surprise announcement that he plans to leave the show once the series wraps production on Season 3.

No word yet on whether Fox will just pull the plug on the hit series, whose season 3 premiere ratings were down 21% from the season 2 premiere - but up 8% from last season's finale. "Crawford then released a detailed statement explaining and apologizing for both of the incidents, which seemed to suitably diminish the situation". All the family gatherings, I haven't seen them.

The actor, who broke the news of his exit via a video interview with Electronic Urban Report, says the schedule for the police procedural is too busy for his current home life and 58 years of age. TV-produced series. When asked by the interviewer if he was "over it", Wayans confirmed that he was "done". "Like Murtaugh said, I'm too old for this". Here's what Wayans had to say about it in a recent interview.

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Speaking to TVLine in the US, Dana said: 'Our partners at Warner Bros. came to us about three weeks ago to tell us that they could not deliver Lethal Weapon as we've known it, that there were some real challenges in the cast'. Though the show was never a ratings breakout in the USA, it does well internationally, and much of the draw was - of course - that these characters were based on ones from the popular movie franchise.

"It's hard for me to play this loving, supportive father, husband and friend on TV and be the guy in life that is telling everybody, 'I can't, I gotta work, '" he said.

He said he would give Fox enough time to find a replacement for him on the show. My grandkids. I've been missing recitals and graduations and to me, it's not worth it.

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