Published: Wed, October 03, 2018
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Samsung Reportedly Working on Wireless DeX Connections for Upcoming Devices

Samsung Reportedly Working on Wireless DeX Connections for Upcoming Devices

For Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, the S Pen game plan revolves around making the stylus a more natural and meaningful to interact with apps and the smartphone.

As for the tests itself, Cellular Insights revealed those have been done based on the 20MHz channel of Band 4.

That's still a conversation that you're going to have to have with your wallet, but PCMag has provided a little more data to tip the scales in favor of the iPhone XS.

iPhone XS and XS Max fared noticeably better than the iPhone X in LTE speed tests though that still isn't enough given that the Note 9 with Qualcomm modems emerging faster. The feature also helps boost the device's performance when the signal conditions are weak, the report notes. But as the signal weakens, the XS Max really comes into competition, proving that he is well tuned. That's thanks to the addition of 4×4 MIMO. The first versions of the new firmware of the phone are sometimes wrong.

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The iPhone XS shows, on average, 6.6Mbps faster download speeds on all USA carriers than the iPhone X, according to Speedtest Intelligence. In Canada, that difference jumps to a massive 20.2Mbps. The iPhone X on AT&T and T-Mobile used Intel modems while Verizon and Sprint versions used Qualcomm modems.

While users of S9 series, S8 series, and Note 8 phones need an accessory like a DeX station or DeX Pad to enjoy the DeX desktop experience, if you have a latest offering like the Galaxy Note 9, all you need is an HDMI adaptor.

One of the companies who appeared on stage at the Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event in NYC was Spotify. If you are coming from iPhone X to the XS or XS Max, you'll see dramatic improvements at all signal levels. We were unable to find any issues in the hardware that would explain negative experiences, but we also don't want to deny the experiences a few people are having.

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