Published: Wed, October 03, 2018
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Bigg Boss 12 written updates: Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu part ways

Bigg Boss 12 written updates: Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu part ways

He adds that Deepak had also told him that they are forming a team.

Next kidnapper is Srishty and the kidnapped person is Saurabh Patel. As part of a task, Dipika Kakar had kidnapped Anup Jalota and had asked his partner Jasleen to sacrifice her makeup, clothes and her hair as ransom. When she agrees, he offers to even burn the clothes he is wearing.

# Dipika goes to Sreesanth and clarifies to him about the bond she shares with him. The two get into a fight for no reason. A recent altercation between Srishty and Shivashish is proof enough. She calls him and requests him to please re-consider his demands. However, Shivashish negotiated and was allowed to keep two pairs of his clothing if he also gives away his perfume bottles. They tell that they still care for Sree but he gets influenced easily. Saba Khan tells her that she can not change her decision at the last moment. Sreesanth in his call to Somi asks her to get a boy cut done, colour her hair and crush her clothes.

# Somi and Deepak are seen talking about Dipika.

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Meanwhile, Nehha and Sreesanth patched up as the latter forgave her for the "mental strength" remark. Since Jasleen refused to part with her things and chop her hair to shoulder-length, the jodi was nominated for eviction during the upcoming weekend.

Jasleen Matharu was seen crying after Anup Jalota broke all ties with her. Romil jokingly tells Anup that if he wants to break-up with Jasleen, he should do it on this show. He expressed his disappointment that Jasleen chose clothes and makeup over him. Sreesanth tried to convince Anup to reconsider their relationship which is on since three years. While all the contestants support Jasleen, Surbhi is in favour of Anup's decision.

As Jasleen sobbed endlessly, Anup Jalota shared how he waited hopefully for her to come and offer her belongings to rescue him. Not being able to take Shivashish's harsh words, Srishty will release his jodidaar Sourabh Mehta.

However, when Jasleen was seen having a discussion with other inmates in the house, she referred all the boys as her brothers except Romil and Shivashish.

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