Published: Tue, October 02, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Instagram star shot dead in Baghdad

Instagram star shot dead in Baghdad

Her final post on the social media platform displayed a black-and-white photo of Fares with a message mourning her passing.

A famous Iraqi model and social media icon was shot dead on Thursday morning by unknown gunmen in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, according to Kurdistan 24.

This past week, a women's rights activist, Suad al-Ali, was assassinated in Basra, Iraq - shot dead on the way to her vehicle. Doctors there said she suffered three gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead soon after arrival. Many of her photos have caused resentment in the Iraqi society.

In August, Rafeef al-Yaseri, the owner of Barbie beauty center, and Rasha al-Hassan, a beauty expert and owner and manager of Viola beauty center in Baghdad, both died under mysterious circumstances in their homes. She was the head of the al-Weed al-Alaiami For Human Rights organization, which had been supporting recent anti-government protests in the southern city. Her husband was wounded in the attack.

Fans and friends of Fares turned to social media to remember the social media star, who spent much of her time overseas, and in the more liberal Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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Her death seems to be part of a disturbing trend.

"She became a victim of her fame and targeted because of her lifestyle", a user wrote on Twitter.

"I am beyond disappointed and hurt after hearing about another tragic loss in Iraq".

"A young Iraq model was simply enjoying & loving life like other pretty girls". "But unfortunately they killed her". Ahmad al-Basheer, an Iraqi satirist who lives in exile in Jordan after having faced death threats, condemned the murder of Fares.

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