Published: Sun, September 30, 2018
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BMW i3 and i3s get a sizable bump in range

BMW i3 and i3s get a sizable bump in range

On the base model, that represents a 30 percent increase over the 2018 model and almost double the original i3's 81-mile electric range.

The new battery capacity isn't all that BMW has for the 2019 models, a new exterior color is offered as well. Since launch in 2014, the battery capacity and range of the i3 has grown from the original 60Ah / 81 miles to 94Ah / 115 miles in 2017 and now 120Ah for 2019.

This is an increase if around 30 per cent for both the i3 and i3s model variants form the previous 94Ah battery.

The i3 is powered by a 170bhp electric motor which produces 250Nm of torque and can sprint form 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 93mph.

The BMW i3 120Ah and the BMW i3s 120Ah have a much more favorable Carbon dioxide footprint across the entire vehicle lifecycle-from raw material extraction and manufacture through to use and recycling. Featuring 181 horsepower and the ability to sprint to 60 miles per hour in 6.8 seconds, the 2018 model offers a small performance upgrade at a small markup ($47,650). While BMW didn't raise the price of the i3 much with the last range boost, this upgrade is more significant.

Enlarge ImageYou'll never hear me complain when another shade of brown paint is available. BMW

For the new model year, BMW adds a few convenience and cosmetic features to the i3.

While 153 miles is impressive (and plenty for a second car), that range will still leave many consumers looking for more.

BMW announced on Friday the i3 will from now on be using a 120 Ah / 42.2 kWh battery, more than double the size of the one with which the model was launched in 2013 - at the time the figures for it were 60 Ah and 22.6 kWh.

BMW says it'll offer 153 miles of range in the base i3 without the range extender, pending EPA ratings. Full LED headlights with cornering and auto high-beams enter the picture as options. New Wi-Fi hotspot can accommodate up to 10 devices. The new interior color is Jucaro Beige Metallic with Frozen Gray accents.

Production of the 2019 i3 begins in November 2018, but an on-sale date has not yet been announced.

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