Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
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Yes, the FBI Actually Has Investigated Allegations Like Christine Blasey Ford’s Before

Yes, the FBI Actually Has Investigated Allegations Like Christine Blasey Ford’s Before

"She is not prepared to talk with them at a hearing on Monday".

The California based research psychologist claimed Mr Kavanaugh assaulted her in the early 1980s when she was at high school. Perhaps they hope that the longer they string this out, the more unlikely it will be for the president to restrain his Twitter finger and that he will say something to outrage women voters.

But Skelley said if Trump did campaign for Republicans, it should be in places where he's popular.

"Brett wouldn't do that in a million years". Since she's told her story, she and her family say they have been subjected to what must be terrifying insults and threats.

Free speech. She opposes Kavanaugh because of his adherence to free speech.

She says he pinned her to a bed and clamped his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.

The FBI has told CBS News that it has included the allegation in Kavanaugh's background file, and is not opening any additional probe at this time, although the president could theoretically direct the FBI to undertake a further review.

"I understand how hard it might be for Dr. Ford to publicly testify on this subject", he wrote.

One of the signers, Cristina King Miranda, tweeted Wednesday that the alleged attack "was spoken about for days afterward in school" and that Kavanaugh "should stop lying".

On Wednesday, Grassley said in an official letter to Ford's lawyers that the Kavanaugh hearings would begin again on September 25 with or without Ford's testimony.

Ford's attorneys responded to that demand, saying the plan to hold a hearing with just two witnesses - the accused and the accuser - without any investigation by authorities or calling outside witnesses who also knew about the alleged incident makes the potential hearing a farce.

Several said they interacted with him extensively through sporting events, dances, parties and other socializing or the phone calls that occupied teenage weeknights in the pre-texting era.

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One worked with him at a summer camp. "How is it never the right time to bring up assault allegations against a rich white dude?" she asked.

Some have been taken aback by the attention.

Julie DeVol told AP she didn't really anticipate the letter would provoke such intense interest, though she sensed Kavanaugh's critics "would do anything" to delay his confirmation vote.

Kavanaugh, 53, seemed to be cruising toward that vote before the sexual misconduct allegation became public.

Kavanaugh has called Ford's allegation "completely false". Kavanaugh has denied the allegation. "Judge Kavanaugh will give free reign to anonymous donors and foreign governments through their citizens to spend money to interfere and influence our elections with so-called 'issue ads'".

Fellow Republican Susan Collins of ME said on Wednesday that she hopes Prof Ford "will reconsider and testify" on Monday. "With years of hindsight, mounds of evidence of the prevalence and harm that sexual violence causes individuals and our institutions, as well as a Senate with more women than ever, "not getting it' isn't an option for our elected representatives".

11 Republicans sit on the committee, opposite 10 Democrats. "It's just about character".

Trump Jr. described his artwork on Instagram with the caption: 'Judge Kavanaugh's sexual assault letter found by Dems'. "I sincerely hope that Dr Ford will accept my invitation to do so, either privately or publicly, on Monday", Grassley said. "I feel awful for his family". The letter is signed, "Love, Brett".

"If it happened to her, that's terrible", Clark said. Otherwise, why wouldn't she be prepared to testify? And then you have people on the left who have basically acted as judge and jury of Kavanaugh and basically saying the woman must be believed, he is a rapist.

It's disturbing how reminiscent Ford's experience is of that of Anita Hill, who similarly came forward in 1991, reluctantly, to share the sexual harassment she experienced when working with then-SCOTUS nominee Clarence Thomas.

"Guess who is perpetrating all of these kinds of actions?" "He was the kid who always did the right thing".

Of the Senate women, six are Republicans.

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