Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

The standalone YouTube Gaming app is essentially being absorbed into YouTube

The standalone YouTube Gaming app is essentially being absorbed into YouTube

This is an interesting turn of events, considering that the beginnings of the YouTube Gaming app stemmed from the popularity of gaming videos on the main YouTube site. There's a carousel of top live games along with new and upcoming live streams from subscribed channels, as well as trending videos and recommended videos based on your subscriptions and history.

In an effort to bring everyone back under its proverbial roof, YouTube is adding a new Gaming section to its site. With gaming, in general, getting more and more popular amongst all age groups, there are plenty of "casual" gamers who wouldn't think to download a YouTube Gaming app but would go to the regular YouTube site to find gaming-related content. For example if you want to watch Fortnite, you can simply click on the Fortnite page and all related content will be in one place.

He even directly credits Twitch with some inspiration, saying, "Twitch does a really good job with game discoverability".

Coinciding with the YouTube Gaming app retirement announcement, YouTube says that it has today launched the new home of YouTube Gaming at Gaming has always been a big part of YouTube, but YouTube Gaming was Google's attempt to steal away some of Twitch's massive audience.

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But although the YouTube Gaming app's audience is described as "strong" and "vibrant" in a new official blog post, the standalone service for gamers that was used as a public test bed for popular features like Super Chat, Channel Memberships, and Dark Theme will be discontinued in March 2019.

But the most important reason behind the decision to retire this app is YouTube's desire to minimize user confusion.

YouTube Gaming will now also work hard to promote up and coming content creators and streamers, something it's previous app was failing at.

The YouTube Gaming app was used to build and refine game viewing experiences. To find it, check the left side bar and scroll all the way down to the bottom. "Over the past few years we've focused on building tools and experiences that the gaming community has been asking for".

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