Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Markets | By Otis Pena

Passengers bleed after crew forgets to maintain cabin pressure

Passengers bleed after crew forgets to maintain cabin pressure

The plane, which had 166 passengers on board and five crew members, had to turn around after the pilot reportedly forgot to maintain cabin pressure.

The plane carrying 166 passengers landed back in Mumbai and those affected were given medical attention while alternative flights were arranged, Jet Airways said.

Passengers posted footage on social media showing air masks hanging from the ceiling and claiming they were given no explanation by the crew for the conditions aboard the Boeing 737. Around 30 passengers experienced nose and ear bleeds while, some even complained of headache.

Passengers also said that some airport workers tried to prevent them from recording videos. This resulted in the oxygen masks dropping.

The statement further confirmed that the cockpit crew has now been "taken off scheduled duties pending investigation".

The Ministry of Civil Aviation took cognisance of the incident in Jet Airways Mumbai-Jaipur flight earlier today and requested the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to file its report immediately on the issue.

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"During climb, the crew forgot to select bleed switch due to which cabin pressurization could not be maintained", the official at aviation regulator DGCA said.

Several commuters complained of severe headaches and at least 30 reported bleeding from their nose and ears.

They are now being treated at Mumbai airport.

@jetairways Flight 9W 697 made an emergency landing back in Mumbai.

Left with no options, the Jet Airways had to return to its origin as one passenger needed to be hospitalised. The patients underwent audiometry tests and other investigations.

"After we took off the air-conditioner malfunctioned, then air pressure system malfunctioned too and oxygen masks came out". All guests were deplaned safely.

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