Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Man Arrested For Threatening To Shoot 11-Year-Old After Fortnite Loss

Man Arrested For Threatening To Shoot 11-Year-Old After Fortnite Loss

Michael Aliperti sent threatening texts and online voice messages to the Kings Park boy Monday night after losing in an Xbox game called Fortnite, police said.

The man, who lives in NY, was arrested by officers on Tuesday after allegedly sending threatening voice messages on his Xbox to the boy.

The child's family told police, who increased their presence at the child's school.

Michael Aliperti's mother became tearful as she defended her middle-aged son, who owns a local landscaping business.

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Police were able to confirm Aliperti's identity by tracking the messages, and arrested him at his home at 1:40am.

The child had been playing the popular third-person shooter game with Aliperti for several months.

"Disturbing, inappropriate, not OK on every level", Daniela LoCastro said.

Unfortunately, that can lead to the development of situations like these, especially when someone takes things too seriously and loses perspective of the fact that it is simply a video game designed for people to have fun playing against each other. And parents should monitor their kids' gaming. In the messages, which were sent at approximately 9 p.m. on September 17, the man threatened to shoot the child, possibly at his school. Intermediate. The victim's parents immediately reported the incident. Harassment from players has sadly been the norm for online games much longer than Fortnite has been around.

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