Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Doctor and woman accused of drugging, raping women and filming alleged incidents

Doctor and woman accused of drugging, raping women and filming alleged incidents

A Newport Beach orthopedic surgeon and his girlfriend arrested on allegations they drugged and sexually assaulted at least two women could have dozens more victims, investigators believe.

The surgeon, 38-year-old Grant William Robicheaux, and his 31-year-old girlfriend, Cerissa Laura Riley, were charged on September 11 with rape as well as drug and weapons-related offences in connection with two alleged assaults.

Robicheaux once appeared in a reality TV show called "Online Dating Rituals of the American Male".

Authorities worry that there could be more victims than just the two women they are charged with assaulting after authorities allegedly found recordings of the couple engaged in sex acts with unconscious and semi-conscious women.

"The defendants are accused of supplying multiple drugs to the victim, then raping and orally copulating her while she was prevented from resisting due to intoxicating and controlled substances and they should have reasonably known of her condition", the district attorney's office said.

Robicheaux and Riley were released on $100,000 bail.

Investigators believe Riley approached the women at a bar or restaurant, then invited her boyfriend over, the district attorney said.

On Jan. 9, 2018, police searched Robicheaux's apartment and found "large quantities of illegal drugs" - described by Rackauckas as ecstasy, date-rape drugs and cocaine - and two "illegal, unregistered assault rifles", along with four other firearms and some large-capacity magazines, prosecutors said.

On Tuesday, a district attorney in Orange County said the couple worked in tandem to identify victims.

The district attorney said the state's medical board has opened an investigation into Mr Robicheaux, but there is no evidence so far that any of his patients could be victims.

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Rackauckas said victims should not be ashamed.

Months later, the two defendants victimized another woman after meeting her at a Newport Beach bar and taking her to the apartment after she passed out from intoxication. They allegedly took her to Robicheaux's apartment and sexually assaulted her with intention of raping her, officials said. They allegedly gave the victim more drugs and raped her. They have been aware of these accusations for a number of months, and each of them will formally deny the truth of these allegations at their first opportunity in court.

One of the women said she met the couple at a boat party in April 2016, and a blood sample later tested positive for multiple controlled substances.

The woman claims a neighbor contacted law enforcement who investigated the matter.

Attorneys for both defendants have denied the allegations.

"Dr. Robicheaux and Ms. And they're barely responsive to the defendant's sexual advances", Rackauckas said.

"We tend to trust doctors who take an oath to do no harm".

"[Victims] may feel there's no crime to report because they normally drank alcohol or consumed substances with the defendants", Rackauckas said.

The district attorney said the pair may have travelled to events including the Burning Man festival in Nevada, the Dirtybird Campout festival in Silverado, California, the Splash House festival in Palm Springs, and landmarks near Page, Arizona, since 2015.

"We've all heard of a wolf dressed up in sheep's clothing", he added. "Well, a wolf can wear scrubs or doctor's clothing, or a wolf can be a attractive woman".

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