Published: Mon, September 17, 2018
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Is Ronan Frank's Child - Woody Allen Isn't Sure

Is Ronan Frank's Child - Woody Allen Isn't Sure

► Shortly after finding the Polaroids, the report says, Farrow sent Allen a Valentine's Day collage, a heart upon which she'd pasted a family photo. Mia and Allen separated, and Allen married her daughter Previn in 1997. Allen was investigated but wasn't charged, and has long denied inappropriately touching Farrow.

She "regrets" that Farrow found naked Polaroids in early 1992 that Allen shot of her. Additionally, Allen was never a father figure to Previn.

I'm grateful to my siblings for standing by me and my mother. (Dylan) loves Woody. A child should have a father, ' " Aronson told Merkin.

None of the above is in dispute.

However, first off, the author of this piece was clearly trying to invalidate Dylan Farrow's allegations. But that has never stopped Woody Allen and his allies from planting stories that attack and vilify my mother to deflect from my sister's credible allegation of abuse.

The judge overseeing the custody hearing, however, felt different and Allen lost all parental rights. When the alleged molestation took place, the house was filled with children and two adults, none of whom saw Allen take Dylan to where the alleged molestation took place.

Nevertheless, Allen is being blacklisted by Hollywood.

Allen, who faced a wave of backlash earlier this year including several prominent actors vowing not to work with him again, is also quoted in the NY magazine piece. His future as a filmmaker is now up in the air.

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In the article, Woody Allen was also asked about longstanding rumours that Ronan Farrow is the son of Mia Farrow's ex-husband, Frank Sinatra. The author even suggested that my mother bribed me to lie with a doll that was not manufactured until years later. "We hope people will read it for themselves". And then she said, 'I have photos.' So I knew I was trapped. "I paid child support for him for his whole childhood, and I don't think that's very fair if he's not mine". He echoed Soon-Yi's allegations of abuse against their mother, telling Vulture that her mothering was allegedly a "total breakdown of your spirit, to ensure that you would do what she wanted you to do".

Woody Allen's wife Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his former lover Mia Farrow, has defended the director against abuse allegations in a controversial piece written by a long-time friend of Allen's.

'I was never interested in writing a Mommie Dearest, getting even with Mia - none of that. "What's happened to Woody is so upsetting, so unjust". (Mia) has taken advantage of the #MeToo movement and paraded Dylan as a victim. When New York Magazine contacted me, they described multiple obvious falsehoods.

Dylan Farrow has said that Allen sexually abused her by touching her genitalia on August 4, 1992. I knew my life was over and that she knew, just by the way she said my name. When first meeting him, Previn says, she hated him "because he was with my mother, and I didn't understand why anyone could be with such a nasty, mean person".

She said Farrow also slapped her and spanked her with a hairbrush.

Not long after, Dylan's brother Ronan Farrow issued his own critical response to the profile.

Mia first accused Allen of sexual assault of Dylan, then 7, in 1992. "None of us ever witnessed anything other than compassionate treatment in our home".

Journalist Ronan Farrow, who has become synonymous with expose abuse scandals, including pivotal investigations on Harvey Weinstein and CBS chairman Les Moonves, called New York Magazine's decision to publish the piece, written by a long-time friend of Allen, "shameful".

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