Published: Mon, September 17, 2018
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Astronauts Capture Haunting Video of Hurricane Florence Making Landfall From Space

Astronauts Capture Haunting Video of Hurricane Florence Making Landfall From Space

The NHC said Florence had the potential to dump historic amounts of rain on North and SC, as much as 40 inches (one meter) in some places.

A man electrocuted while plugging in a generator during a heavy rain and another knocked down by wind were among the other casualties reported from the monster storm.

High tides in Wilmington, North Carolina on Friday will be mid-afternoon and again early Saturday morning. "And then even after it's gone, back behind it in its wake there's going to be unsafe flooding". It's all about the steering currents, we don't have any right now.

"There's a great temptation to want to go back east and to view you property", he said.

"The sun rose this morning on an extremely unsafe situation and it's getting worse", Cooper said, calling Florence a "thousand-year rain event".

Peggy Perry, who was rescued by another group in New Bern, said rising water forced her into the upper level of her home. "It's an uninvited brute, who doesn't wanna leave".

In New Bern, population 29,000, flooding on the Neuse River left 500 people in peril.

Sample said that when he looked outside of his house, which is about 1,000 yards from the beach, he saw the rain pooling up on the street and what looked like storm surge coming up the road.

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper had said that "several more days of rain" were expected, describing the amount of rainfall from the hurricane as a "1,000-year event".

Other cities and counties were also facing intense rains and wind, which Cooper said would create challenges "over the next few days and weeks". "You're going to have flooding miles and miles inland", the center's director, Ken Graham, said. He said he had trimmed his own trees before the storm.

Power outages increased throughout Friday.

About 20,000 people hunkered down in 157 schools, shelters and a coliseum in Winston-Salem.

Cooper also cautioned that it would take time to know the storm's ultimate impact, though he said it would likely touch every corner of the state. Florence was one of two major storms threatening millions of people on opposite sides of the world. The storm is expected to lumber into far southeastern North Carolina and eastern SC through Saturday, punishing the area with rain and damaging winds. Wrightsville Beach, where the storm made landfall at 7:15 a.m., has posted the highest total so far: 18.53 inches. On land, wind gusts hit the lower triple digits, but just off the coast, buoys recorded wind gusts at 112 miles per hour shortly before landfall.

After coming ashore in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane, Florence was downgraded to a tropical storm Friday afternoon and trudged into SC as night came.

Hurricane Joaquin, a Category 4 storm, was blamed for 34 deaths in September and October of 2015, including 33 crewmen on a ship, said an NHC report.

Florence is moving west-southwest, and is expected to continue on this trajectory throughout Saturday morning.

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