Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Vanished China star Fan gets 0% 'goodness' rating

Vanished China star Fan gets 0% 'goodness' rating

Rumors began to circulate questioning where the actress could be, and if there is any foul play surrounding her public disappearance. Her earnings are on par with - if not more than - Hollywood celebrities, such as Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence.

Another element alarming: a report published by the normal university in Beijing Sunday, 2 noted a hundred stars chinese by assigning a score of "social responsibility".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star has not been seen since July 1.

Swisse ranked as the top-selling imported product during Singles Day after Fan's appearance at a glitzy Shanghai shopping mall was live-streamed in China.

Other celebrities featured by the list included Kung Fu actor Jackie Chan who ranked 42nd and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" actress Zhang Ziyi who was placed 48th.

As per the report, only nine celebrities scored above 60 with respect to social responsibility.

Media chinese has, however, released an indiscretion on what happened to the actress Fan Bingbing.

The report, which was widely covered by state media, didn't shed any more light on Fan's predicament, but it does add to the sense that China's Communist Party is sending a message to the country's burgeoning entertainment industry.

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'What kind of a report is this? The report also said that the power woman would face a bleak future.

The actress' studio and reps say that the claims against her are slander and that she hired a lawyer to dispute the allegations.

In Might maybe, aged Chinese language host Cui Yongyuan implied that Fan had signed what's identified as "yin and yang" contracts, by having two contracts on one project to assist away from being taxed totally.

So-called "yin and yang" dual contract arrangements ― with one contract for income declared to tax authorities and another kept secret ― are reportedly used to evade taxes. Her disappearance is odd considering Fan has just been announced to star in a new spy movie alongside Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong'o. To clamp down on tax evasion, the government has implemented new policies on taxation.

Last month, almost a dozen major Chinese film producers and video sites announced they also would boycott "unreasonable" pay for actors.

Bingbing is reportedly set to appear in an upcoming United States thriller called 355 with Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o and Penelope Cruz.

Chinese state media reported that one of its most successful actresses, Fan Bingbing, is "under control", after she vanished from the public eye without explanation in July. The pay cuts, imposed by the government and the industry, have had a noticeable chilling effect upon China's entertainment sector. The Chinese authorities have stated that Bingbing might be in trouble with the law since she has come last in the ranking of social responsibility among the celebrities. The list also takes into account their popularity, commercial value and media exposure.

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