Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Lexus unveils world's 1st digital outer mirrors

Lexus unveils world's 1st digital outer mirrors

For the 2019 ES mid-size sedan, Lexus is trading in traditional side mirrors for digital cameras.

Replacing side mirrors with cameras has always been a concept-car flight of fancy, but Lexus will be the first automaker to make this tech a reality for a mass-produced model.

The wing mirrors are replaced with small cameras mounted on the outside of the vehicle, with small screens displaying the feed from these cameras on the inside. In addition, the view of areas around the vehicle can be manually enhanced by the driver.

The Digital Outer Mirrors offer an expanded view of the car's surrounding by augmenting the display area during turns or when backing up.

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The cameras transmit their images onto five-inch displays positioned inside the cabin at the base of the A-pillars.

Lexus says its new, seventh-generation ES is set to become available in October 2018 (in the Japanese market, at least) with what it describes as the "world's first" digital exterior mirrors.

There are various benefits to doing this, from better peripheral vision and better field of view, to reduced wind noise and better aerodynamics. The cameras also are shaped so that they won't be obscured by rain or snow.

We're surprised it's taken this long for manufacturers to catch on, but Lexus is finally offering digital wing mirrors as an option for the upcoming ES replacement model.

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