Published: Wed, September 12, 2018
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Susan Collins Crowdpac campaign for Brett Kavanaugh 'no' vote tops $800,000

Susan Collins Crowdpac campaign for Brett Kavanaugh 'no' vote tops $800,000

The "Be A Hero" campaign - coordinated by national health activist Ady Barkan, and liberal groups Mainers for Accountable Leadership and the Maine People's Alliance - asks people to donate at least $20.20 to a future Collins opponent if she votes "yes" on Kavanaugh. "Reject President Trump's Supreme Court Pick!" has raised close to $900,000.

The Planned Parenthood ads going up on Wednesday include women from a focus group conducted of swing voters in ME explaining their concerns about Kavanaugh and why they believe Collins should oppose him.

Here's the catch: money pledged to the effort will be refunded if Collins votes against Kanavaugh.

The group said it will return all funds to donors if Collins votes against Kavanaugh. If all Democrats and left-leaning independents vote "no", it would take two Republicans voting against Kavanaugh to sink the nomination. Although the Maine Senator has a very conservative voting record, she occasionally breaks ranks with her party-for example, Collins voted again impeaching Bill Clinton during his Senate trial in early 1999 and helped sink the American Health Care Act a year ago.

So a group of liberal activists in ME created an unusual crowdfunding campaign that encapsulated both of these emotions: they raised money in the form of pledges that they said they would give to whoever made a decision to challenge Collins in 2020 if she voted for Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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"I think it demonstrates the new lows to which the judge's opponents have stooped", she added.

Liberal activists are crowdfunding to support Collins's next challenger, in hopes that the effort will also influence Collins to vote against Kavanaugh, New York Magazine reported.

"It is certainly raising the specter of whether or not this violates the United States criminal code to prohibitions against attempted bribery, by linking official actions to monetary reward", she commented.

Mitchell called for the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate this alleged bribery. "It still seems like they're saying if you don't do what we want we will spend $1 million and that strikes me as just as much as an inducement as saying we'll give you $1 million if you do what we want".

"If you vote yes for something without knowing the full story, that's irresponsible, like you're not doing your due diligence", one participant says in the ad, which is entitled "Not Enough Information".

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