Published: Tue, September 11, 2018
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Paul Pogba: Manchester United exit reports 'will always be just rumours'

Paul Pogba: Manchester United exit reports 'will always be just rumours'

John Terry has questioned whether former boss Jose Mourinho has the strong leaders he needs to succeed at Manchester United.

United have six points from four matches ahead of their trip to Watford after the global break on Saturday.

Look, Mourinho has some harsh critics out there, but it seems like another one has stepped up to the plate.

"It is early in the season.too early to tell", he told the Daily Mail.

Do you think the Argentine would be a good buy for United?

"They will win things, I know they will".

United fans will be licking their lips at the thought of those four players arriving at the club and that will only ramp up the pressure on the current manager and squad to improve quickly. "No fun, no creativity".

Chelsea boss Sarri say he is loving life in the Premier League
Rabiot has been very good to start this season, better than all but seven Ligue 1 players in a small sample size. These kinds of players give a different story about Chelsea than the way we knew Chelsea before.

Wolverhampton Wanderers star Ruben Neves is reportedly on the radar of Manchester United and Manchester City.

"He should be there, but he is doing magic with that other club". He has some strong words of praise for how well City have done under the leadership of Guardiola. I would like to coach.

"I saw it a few weeks ago in the press, but that story about United is nonsense", the Dutchman told Ajax Inside.

Juve would have to agree to sell highly-rated attacker Dybala, who is rumoured to be valued at around £110m - more than the amount United would want for Pogba.

The spirit child of Cruyff? While he may be seen as an upgrade to what is now available to Mourinho, it's hard to see United making such a move without some players being moved on to allow it to happen.

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Should United have chosen Guardiola over Mourinho?

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