Published: Tue, September 11, 2018
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Belgian govt opens criminal investigation into EA - Industry

Belgian govt opens criminal investigation into EA - Industry

Again, the commission's opinion is still that loot boxes are legally regarded as gambling since an unregulated player base is not given certainty on which rare items will be received from the box. As such, they must be removed from the games within the country.

Some time has passed and it appears that gaming industry big guns like Blizzard, Valve, and 2K Games have all disabled loot boxes in Belgium.

Belgian Gaming Commission Director Peter Naessens said, "Paid loot boxes aren't an inoffensive component of games which act like games that require skill". However, EA have shrugged off the warnings so far and made no changes to the ways its games use this addictive gaming technique.

While the United Kingdom and France have deemed loot boxes to not be a form of gambling in light of controversy surrounding paid loot boxes in the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II, Belgium has been a high-profile case in ruling loot boxes as a form of gambling, with laws stating that they can no longer be included in games. As EuroGamer reminds us, Wilson asserted that EA's games were "developed and implemented ethically and lawfully around the world" and that it did not agree that its games could "be considered as any form of gambling." .

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Even so, the Belgian Gambling Commission is standing firm, explaining that "anyone who does not conform runs the risk of legal prosecution". reports that CEO Andrew Wilson said in may that the company doesn't believe that loot boxes are gambling.

A Belgian news outlet is reporting that EA may be being investigated by Belgian court officials as the company has yet to remove loot boxes from its games in the country.

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