Published: Mon, September 10, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Russia weighs possibility of deliberate act in space station damage

Russia weighs possibility of deliberate act in space station damage

The hole, a 2-millimeter breach in the Soyuz MS-09, was discovered as the spacecraft docked in the Russian sector of the ISS.

But some working in Russia's space industry remained skeptical it could have happened in space.

According to TASS, a Russian news agency, the International Space Station (ISS) got a leak aboard last week, and the responsibility for that is the Russian Soyuz spacecraft which might have received its wounds before leaving the Earth while being manufactured.

"There is another version that we are not ruling out; that this was done deliberately in space", Mr Rogozin said in televised remarks. The meteorite impact theory, as viewed by some, was discarded because the agency thought that the hole looked suspiciously artificial.

If the theory that the hole was created by a human with a drill is true, it would make it more likely the damage was done on Earth, because drilling is extremely hard in microgravity environments. The current crew, consisting of three US astronauts, two Russians and one German, were never in any danger, officials said. Former NASA Astronaut and author Dr. The hole is in a section of the Soyuz ship that is discarded in orbit and not used to carry people back to Earth. But unbelievably, that theory was thrown out this week when the Russian Space Agency realized that the hole was made from inside the capsule.

It seems more likely the spacecraft was damaged during testing at Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan after passing initial checks and the mistake then hastily covered up. The hole, on Thursday, was already sealed at the time of discussions.

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Rogozin questioned whether the hole had been a "production defect or some premeditated actions".

The leaking Soyuz - one of two now docked - arrived at the orbiting lab in June with three astronauts.

The cause of the hole was initially thought to be impact from a micrometeorite or other flying space debris.

The air leak in the Soyuz spacecraft that resulted in loss of cabin pressure, was a technological error done by a human hand, state space agency Roscosmos has said.

Some Russian media accounts have speculated a technician mistakenly drilled the hole during pre-flight processing and then attempted to cover up the mistake by applying a sealant of some sort.

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