Published: Mon, September 10, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Fortnite Monopoly Release Date Announced and it Has a Battle Royale Twist

Fortnite Monopoly Release Date Announced and it Has a Battle Royale Twist

The game was briefly available for pre-order at United Kingdom retailer Zavvi for £26.99, which means it should be somewhere around the $30 mark when released in the US. Now, the wait is over, but rather than being a direct replica of the last-man-standing video game-or one that's as close as possible, given the limitations-Epic Games has partnered with Hasbro to create Fortnite Monopoly.

We have seen Hasbro bring out some special versions of Monopoly with other developers, and some examples are Skyrim and Mario Kart.

We've already seen a battle royale board game, which is aptly named Last Man Standing, that recreates PUBG and Fortnite mechanics such as loot drops, a shrinking play area, and the aim of being the last person left alive. However, the pre-order page has since been removed.

Nerf guns are getting a new look in 2019, featuring the one of the world's most popular games: Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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The date was announced in a tweet from creative director Donald Mustard (below), alongside a high-resolution image of the board and components. There's a storm that, if it lands on your square, takes takes two health points off you - oh ye, instead of money you have health points, of course. First, building - the dice offer the ability to place a wall around the space you're now occupying, offering protection from anybody trying to take a shot at you. This means players choose to either progress on the board or take action first, which includes shooting players with a Crosshair, using Bandages to heal, throwing a Boogie Bomb to damage all players, or building a Wall to protect yourself.

The Storm: Spaces taken by the storm can still be landed on but they come at a awful price.

On top of all of that, it seems that the standard Monopoly player pieces have been replaced by cardboard character tokens that each depict a skin from the game.

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