Published: Sun, September 09, 2018
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Prepare for Destiny 2: Forsaken with Destiny in 2 minutes

Prepare for Destiny 2: Forsaken with Destiny in 2 minutes

After that point you'll get the Forsaken OST delivered to you, which consists of almost two hours of music and two bonus tracks that are exclusive to the promotion. That's likely the question on many players' minds, especially as the latest content expansion, Forsaken, just dropped this week. In 2017, Activision-Blizzard made $4.9 billion from in-game purchases, or about 69% of total net revenues for the entire year.

One of the best ways to keep gamers hooked is a rewards system that offers in-game items or account-linked stuff for doing specific tasks, not unlike Microsoft Rewards or Xbox Quest.

Forsaken is the newest expansion for Destiny 2 and it comes with masses of changes and additions.

Last week, Moments of Triumph came to a close to make way for the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken. What's going on with the convoluted lore of Destiny, and why should you care about Forsaken at all?

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To start with, those who finish Forsaken's campaign before the end of the month will receive a free digital download of the Destiny 2: Forsaken soundtrack.

Jonty Barnes, the Destiny franchise's General Manager at Bungie, said: "We've evolved the Destiny 2 experience to appeal to our incredible community with a deeply personal storyline, loads of content crafted for players who love Destiny, and a massive, new destination built to specifically house an endgame experience like never before".

Forsaken can be purchased as standalone DLC, and is included in various editions of the game.

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