Published: Tue, August 21, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

U-turns leave Malcolm Turnbull on the ropes and facing coup

U-turns leave Malcolm Turnbull on the ropes and facing coup

Turnbull said Dutton had told him he would not challenge for the party leadership.

Party whip Nola Marino confirmed Mr Turnbull won 48 votes to 35 for Mr Dutton.

"The prime minister declared the position is vacant", a spokesman for Turnbull said by telephone.

Abbott is now a vocal backbencher and is widely seen as a key instigator of the move against the prime minister this week, which has left Turnbull heading a party where 35 people do not want him as leader. He is now totally free to sit back there with Tony Abbott snickering to one another and kissing big lumps of coal. "We've had Rudd to Gillard, Gillard to Rudd, Rudd to Abbott, Abbott to Turnbull", he said.

Mr Peters is about to board a flight to Canberra where he will meet with his Australian counter-part, Julie Bishop, who is also the deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

The vote came just a day after Turnbull said Dutton had pledged his support to the PM, and days after Dutton tweeted that Turnbull "has my support and I support the policies of the Government".

Mr Turnbull's original energy policy, which was trying to deliver cheaper energy, more reliability and lower emissions, enjoyed broad support - even in his party room. Disunity undermines the ability of a government to get its job done and we can not allow internal issues to undermine our work, or to create a real risk that Bill Shorten will be the prime minister.

Speaking in the wake of his victory over Peter Dutton, Mr Turnbull said the Government can not allow internal issues to undermine the business of government.

E-cigarettes can be key weapon in battle against smoking, insist MPs
The MPs also want the tobacco industry to be given greater freedom to advertise the devices as a less harmful option for smokers. In a report , it is claimed that e-cigarettes are overlooked as an aid to stop smoking and should be made available on the NHS .

Malcolm Turnbull called the spill after what was clearly massive pressure from the Dutton camp. I made a decision to contest this ballot to keep Bill Shorten from ever being prime minister of this country.

Parliament sits for the rest of this week, then breaks until September 10.

What do you think of today's leadership spill?

The opposition held its caucus meeting on Tuesday but is yet to make public comment on the leadership ballot.

"We always thought that he was convicted on climate change issues".

But Treasurer Scott Morrison said was "fully supportive" of the Prime Minister. I think he probably still is.

"It was a conversion of convenience this morning", Mr. Abbott added.

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