Published: Tue, August 21, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Pentagon says China military 'likely training for strikes' on USA targets

Pentagon says China military 'likely training for strikes' on USA targets

China is actively developing its fleet of long-range bombers and "likely" training its pilots for missions targeting the U.S., according to a new Pentagon report. "We urge the USA side to adhere to the one-China policy and the principle of the three joint communiques, and to discreetly deal with Taiwan-related issues".

They are also working on a "stealthy, long-range strategic bomber with a nuclear delivery capability that could be operational within the next 10 years", in addition to the bombers it already operates.

The Chinese military will as always stand firm in safeguarding China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Wu said.

Beijing's military budget for 2017 was about $190billion, compared to the Pentagon's annual budget of around $700billion.

"We demand the USA side abandons Cold War thinking, objectively and rationally views China's defense and military construction, stops issuing the relevant reports, and takes actual steps to promote and protect the stable development of military-to-military relations", it said.

China is deploying "increasingly advance military capabilities meant to coerce Taiwan" in a bid to prevent self-governing Taiwan from declaring independence, CNN reported.

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The Washington document says China is "willing to employ coercive measures - both military and non-military - to advance its interests and mitigate opposition from other countries".

Brad Glosserman, a visiting professor at Tokyo's Tama University, said Monday that it's clear that the Chinese military is planning for contingencies that assume the USA would be an adversary. "We ask the United States to abandon its Cold War mindset, adopt an objective and rational attitude towards China's defense and military developments, stop issuing such irresponsible reports, and make concrete efforts to maintain the stable development of relations between the two militaries". It also added that "China's military expresses resolute opposition to this and has lodged stern representations with the U.S. side".

Andrew Erickson, a Professor of Strategy at the U.S. Naval War College, says that the new report's highlight on China's Maritime Militia is an important step as it alerts the world to its existence and could therefore deter its future sue.

He called on the U.S. to refrain from such irresponsible reports and make efforts to maintain stable growth of relations between the two countries and their militaries.

China's Global Times newspaper on Sunday quoted a Chinese military official who said the Pentagon report misinterpreted China's strategic intention and hyped up the "China military threat".

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