Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Iraqi Prime Minister cancels visit to Iran

Iraqi Prime Minister cancels visit to Iran

The initial set of sanctions include a ban on Iran's acquisition and use of United States dollars, trade in gold and other metals, as well as the import into the USA of Iranian carpets and pistachios.

Amid the ongoing US-Iran dispute, Abadi was set to visit Iran to discuss economic relations.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Iraqi Federation of Industries Ali Sabih al-Saedi highly regarded the cooperation with the Iranian firms, citing the importance of Iran private sector's participation in creating production lines in Iraq. But his spokesman denied that there was ever a visit planned to Iran.

Abadi has cancelled a visit to Iran, his press office said Sunday, after announcing last week that Iraq would reluctantly comply with renewed U.S. sanctions against Tehran.

Yet, Washington began restoring sanctions, which had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, on Iran last week. Mr Trump withdrew from that pact in May.

Washington says the renewed sanctions are meant to pressure Tehran to halt its alleged support for global terrorism, its military activity in the Middle East and its ballistic missile programmes.

"He is not Iran's candidate of choice, this further isolates him from Tehran".

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was quick to hail the clause that prevents non-Caspian countries from deploying military forces. Why is the difference so important? If deemed a "sea" the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) would apply.

It said at least 10 were killed and others wounded "during a heavy clash".

"We are saddened by this position which shows he has been defeated psychologically in the face of the Americans", he said. Thus, it continues to work for a government in Baghdad that is supportive of Iranian interests.

"Iran's strategic objective in Iraq doesn't change, they want an Iraqi government that is mindful of the fact that they have to walk a tight rope in balancing multiple factions, the Kurds, the Sunnis".

Iraq buys goods worth 6.6 billion AMD annually from Iran.

"Our commitment in the Iran issue is to not use the dollar currency in transaction, not abiding by the USA sanctions", state television quoted the premier as telling a news conference in Baghdad on Monday.

The US has since reinstated sanctions against the Middle Eastern nation, with one round being reapplied earlier this month, while a second will come into effect in November.

The US has warned that it will restrict trade with any country which ignores the sanctions.

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