Published: Thu, August 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

In Sexist & Racist Attack, Trump Calls Omarosa "Crazed" and a "Dog"

In Sexist & Racist Attack, Trump Calls Omarosa

Manigault Newman has been associated with Trump for more than a decade. "She tried to cut my head off and put it on a platter and serve it up to Donald Trump", Ryan told Hunter. Even an adversary with a voracious interest in American politics, such as Russian Federation, didn't have much to gain from hearing Kelly's vaguely threatening dismissal of a staffer whose responsibilities were never entirely clear in the first place. She said Sunday that she had listened to one after the book closed.

The book also alleges that Trump denigrated the looks of Tubman, the former slave and widely revered abolitionist whom President Barack Obama planned to honour on the twenty-dollar bill.

Norms are not self-executing, and - unlike laws - they can be harder to enforce.

Andrew Boutros, a partner at Seyfarth Shaw in Chicago, says that if an employee "goes and surreptitiously records their supervisor or boss in order to gain an advantage to get something that they otherwise would not get" - blackmailing them, say, for a promotion - the recording can become illegal, and face steep punishment.

Recently, Donald Trump and Melania recently appeared together with Apple CEO Tim Cook. "I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bit of exculpatory information somewhere [in] the hour or two of raw audio".

The selection of dates is somewhat unusual because it takes into account job gains or losses before Trump and Obama took office. After ignoring the norm that presidents release their tax returns, Trump has blown through any concern about the appearance of making money off his office. Some of them offered hope for Manigault Newman, however conditional. The former staff members have found a wide range of rehabilitation within Trump's orbit: his re-election campaign, the Republican National Committee, and outside groups that support both him and Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump ratcheted up his rhetoric against Manigault Newman on Tuesday, calling her "that dog". Most disturbing, Trump has challenged the norm that presidents respect the independence of the rule of law in our country.

Trump campaign sues Omarosa for allegedly violating a nondisclosure agreement
Under one such agreement, signers promised not to "demean or disparage publicly" Trump, his company or any member of his family. When asked if he felt betrayed by Omarosa by a New York Times reporter on Saturday, Trump called his former aide a " lowlife ".

Instead, he hired a staff beset by infighting, a Cabinet besieged by ethical questions and a team of aides working under the shadow of the special counsel's Trump-Russia probe.

But Trump, who hired Newman to star on his show "The Apprentice" and then gave her a almost $180,000 job at the White House as his liaison to the African-American community, remained true to his rep as a "counter-puncher".

Donald Trump's favorite State TV program pointed out that he's been "outsmarted" by Omarosa and has "taken the bait" by going for her on Twitter.

Manigault Newman has dismissed any legal concerns about taping conversations.

"We're living in a fearless new world", said O'Keefe.

At the end of the interview, Omarosa gave some insight into Donald Trump. "She's suggesting that the president is racist and sexist and using herself as evidence".

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