Published: Wed, August 15, 2018
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Trump joked he could play matchmaker for PM Modi: Foreign media

Trump joked he could play matchmaker for PM Modi: Foreign media

President Donald Trump's foibles and mishaps with foreign policy issues are worse than what has previously been made public, according to a recent report. Given how the president has a tendency to stay up until well after midnight only to wake up a few hours later to start live-tweeting Fox & Friends, one can see how he'd assume that, say, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would be available to chat at all hours.

Reports about Trump claiming to play a matchmaker to the Indian leader comes at a time when the Modi government is awaiting a response from the White House over its invitation to the US President to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade on January 26 next year.

The president seemed confused that the two countries - which border India - even existed, the report says.

"When he wants to call someone, he wants to call someone".

These details were revealed by Politico in a larger piece about Donald Trump's diplomatic faux pas, which range from the U.S. president's "desire to call world leaders at awkward hours" to mispronouncing Nepal as "nipple".

President Donald Trump has to be reminded of differences in time zones on a "constant basis" as he impulsively attempts to call other world leaders, a diplomatic source told Politico in an article published Monday.

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Norm Eisen, ethics czar during the Obama administration, told Politico that Trump's discounts are unpatriotic.

According to a former National Security Council official who spoke to Politico, Trump "wasn't great with recognizing" that an older world leader might not be awake "or in the right place at 10:30 or 11 p.m. their time".

Multiple Trump aides said they were unaware of the discount available to staff, or learned of it only after paying full price for Trump-branded gear. "He was like, 'What is this stuff in between and these other countries?'"

A White House official said Trump is well aware of how time zones work, especially as someone who has for years worked in global business, but is often too busy to be concerned with such details. Macron would be like: "Hey what are we talking about?" "You don't just call to check in", the official said.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Politico that Trump has developed "strong relationships" with "America's closest allies", which allow for "candid conversations".

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