Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
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Russia To Decide Retaliatory Measures To US Sanctions: Ministry

Russia To Decide Retaliatory Measures To US Sanctions: Ministry

They were aimed at punishing Putin's government for having "used chemical or biological weapons in violation of global law", spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.

Peskov criticised the U.S. decision to link the sanctions to the British nerve agent case, an incident the Kremlin has long cast as a Western plot to damage its reputation and provide a pretext for more sanctions.

In a statement Wednesday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. had made this decision on Monday, and accused Russian Federation of violating worldwide law.

Photo Yulia Skripal is now at an undisclosed location after recovering from the poisoning.

Relations between Russia and the West hit a new low, and the USA was among United Kingdom allies that expelled Russian diplomats.

"In practice this will mean we are imposing a "presumption of denial" upon export licences for USA -origin national security-sensitive goods and technology to any Russian state-owned or state-funded enterprise", the official said in a conference call with reporters. One of the hardest hit was Aeroflot, the Russian state airline, which could lose its ability to fly to the United States as a possible outcome of the new sanctions.

Our provision of foreign assistance is a tool of USA power and influence, and we're not going to foreswear that just because we have the obligation to impose some sanctions against Russian Federation.

"Making a linking to these events is for us unacceptable and such restrictions like those passed by the American side earlier. are absolutely illegal and do not correspond to global law", said Peskov. British police scoured sections of Salisbury and Amesbury in southwest England, searching for a container feared to be contaminated with traces of the deadly nerve agent Novichok.

"Sanctions are the USA weapon of choice", Trenin wrote on Twitter.

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Several members of Congress had expressed concern that the Trump administration was dragging its feet on the determination and had missed a deadline to publish its findings.

Moscow's strategy of trying to improve battered U.S. -Russia ties by attempting to build bridges with President Donald Trump is backfiring after U.S. lawmakers launched a new sanctions drive last week because they fear Trump is too soft on Russian Federation.

The Kremlin responded by describing the sanctions as illegal and unfriendly and adding that the United States move was at odds with the "constructive atmosphere" of Mr Trump and Mr Putin's meeting in Helsinki last month.

The US is trying to play up this "anti-Russian topic as a way to continue demonising Russia" and make it appear that it is not fulfilling its global obligations, Ms Zakharova said.

Trump also ordered the expulsion of 60 Russians, including 12 identified as intelligence officers, and closed the Russian consulate in Seattle.

They were critically ill, but survived after spending weeks in the hospital.

After tests, scientists at the UK's military research lab, Porton Down, found the couple had also been exposed to Novichok.

One of them, Charlie Rowley, said that he believed the poison came from a bottle of what he thought to be perfume that he found on the ground and gave to his girlfriend, Dawn Sturgess.

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