Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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MoviePass will limit customers to three movies per month

MoviePass will limit customers to three movies per month

Struggling movie subscription service MoviePass will limit customers to three movies per month as the company tries to stay in business by burning through less cash. Last week, the movie ticket subscription service announced plans to both hike its price and make first-run movies unavailable to its customers. However, 85 percent of these customers see three of fewer movies a month, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said in the release, and his company is now focusing on those customers. After limiting their service away from big blockbuster movies and raising the price, MoviePass is taking all of that back-with the catch being that users of the service can only watch three movies a month. The change will be rolled out starting August 15, the latest in a series of changes to the company's customer experiences as it struggles to stay afloat. Instead, it will keep the $9.95 a month subscription fee, but will cut the number of films that members can see to three a month with a $5 discount for any tickets purchased for additional films beyond that cap.

MoviePass will also suspend peak pricing and ticket verification for users on the new plan, and ticket restrictions on new movies - such as the one introduced with Mission Impossible: Fallout last week - are being revoked as well.

As stock prices and subscriber numbers continue to slip for the subscription service, MoviePass, the online service has announced a new model for subscribers.

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As part of its new model, MoviePass is doing away with a bunch of other changes, too.

The change comes a week after MoviePass said it would increase its monthly $9.95 subscription plan to $14.95.

When it was first launched a year ago, MoviePass allowed subscribers to view an unlimited amount of films each month. That change would also come with a limit on new releases, with a two week block on getting tickets to a freshly-screened movie. Stock for its parent company, Helios & Matheson, is now at a little under $0.10 per share-a month ago it was over $47.

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