Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
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Ryanair's Irish pilots stage fourth day of strikes

Ryanair's Irish pilots stage fourth day of strikes

A banner set up by some of Ryanair's Ireland-based pilots on strike is seen at Ryanair headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 3, 2018.

German pilots union VC has supported the industrial action, while pilots in the Netherlands have done likewise, though what action will be taken by either has yet to be revealed.

Norwegian is seeking to hire captains and first officers certified to fly Boeing 737 aircraft and will nearly double the number of flight crews at its Dublin base, it said on Friday.

Ryanair cancelled around 20 of Friday's 300 Irish flights as a result, mainly on busy routes to and from Ireland and Britain, and has said impacted passengers have either been put on another flight or refunded.

Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs said: "This 5th strike notice by FORSA is irresponsible, unwarranted and is disrupting customers and (a way of damaging) Ryanair's business and our share price".

Pilots staged their fourth one-day strike today, with their union, Forsa, scheduling another for Friday August 10, the same day as similar strikes by Ryanair pilots in Belgium and Sweden.

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Ryanair condemned the planned fifth day of strikes. The company has cancelled 20 flights and altered the travel plans of 3 thousand five hundred passengers.

"After a year of negotiations, the failure of Ryanair to recognise Sepla and apply Spanish labour legislation for the pilots who operate in Spain forces the union to take a legal path to attain this objective", the union said.

Ryanair has said that it had agreed nine of the union's 11 demands for a seniority-based system for allocation of transfers, annual leave and promotions - though Fórsa has claimed that the airline is exaggerating the common ground between them.

Ryanair has said it will shift jobs and planes to more profitable areas, and threatened to move more if the strikes continue.

Ryanair said in the statement that it was this tiny handful of Aer Lingus pilots who were behind the scenes for inciting the strikes and sabotaging the talks.

Ryanair refused to say anything on the lawsuit, saying it did not "comment on rumor or speculation".

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