Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Rogue Goats Take Over Idaho Neighborhood. (We're Not Kidding.)

Rogue Goats Take Over Idaho Neighborhood. (We're Not Kidding.)

More than 100 goats caused a scene in an Idaho neighborhood on Friday when they escaped from a rental business and wandered through yards.

Joe Parris, a reporter for KTVB, is now documenting the goat outbreak on Twitter in an event is dubbing "Goat-a-Palooza 2018". The herd was spotted on Summerwind Drive in West Boise.

KTVB reports that Animal Control got involved by bringing one solitary truck.

And by 9:00 a.m., the party was over.

But then a large truck We Rent Goats, which rents goats to clear weeds, tried to corral the herd into its truck.

Eventually, Parris said, it emerged that these were in fact professional goats owned by an operation called We Rent Goats.

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The hungry herd moved from lawn to lawn, chewing down grass, munching on rosebushes and stripping low-hanging branches bare.

In photos taken by Parris, an ocean of goats was seen grazing on neighborhood lawns, gathering around trees and running through the streets.

"They're very creative escape artists, sometimes, so just when you think you have all the containment figured out, they find a way that you didn't think of", she said. "It's rare that this many would get out, but they would definitely follow each other".

In fact, people these days pay a lot of money to be in the presence of goats.

Reporters covering the incident on Friday said a lot of the goats had tags in their ears so they should be able to figure out where their home is located.

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