Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump demands Russian Federation probe end 'right now'

Trump demands Russian Federation probe end 'right now'

Giuliani told Politico on Thursday that Trump's legal team was still haggling with the special counsel's office over whether Mueller would be allowed to ask the president questions related to possible obstruction of justice, but that he expects a decision to be made soon.

The meeting at Trump Tower in New York City was set up after a Russian intermediary told Trump's son that a Russian official had offered to provide documents and information that would "incriminate" Trump's election rival, Hillary Clinton. President Trump has denied being aware of the meeting, despite a growing amount of circumstantial evidence that suggests he may have.

But Trump's early morning tweetstorm again raised the specter that he could try to more directly bring special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia-Trump election-collusion probe to a premature end.

But Sanders maintained that the president's tweets were not obstruction.

A Justice Department spokesperson had no comment on the tweet when reached by Fox News.

People inside the White House said the burst of tweets reflected the anger Trump has aired privately for months, including about Sessions.

Professor Jens David Ohlin, a law professor at Cornell University, said the tweets would likely not be seen as an order to Mr Sessions, but as "Trump venting his continued frustration with the fact that he can't control the Russian Federation investigation".

Giuliani added the president may be within his legal rights to obstruct justice if he wishes. But Trump, flustered by the probe, is reportedly pushing his team to keep negotiating under the belief he can clear himself of wrongdoing in an interview.

Mueller already is interested in some of Trump's tweets to the extent they raise obstruction of justice concerns.

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US President Donald Trump has ramped up his attacks on the Russian Federation investigation by demanding it end "right now".

The emails published by Trump Jr. show publicist Rob Goldstone telling Trump that singer Emin Agalarov and his father, developer Aras Agalarov, had "helped along" the Russian government's support for Trump.

Trump's tweet was immediately condemned by some Democratic lawmakers as a blatant attempt to obstruct justice.

Mr Manafort's consulting work for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine that earned him $60 million took the spotlight on the second day of testimony in federal court.

Although CNN has reported that several members of Mueller's team have donated to Democrats, Russia's interference in the 2016 election has also been the subject of several Republican-led congressional inquiries.

"Looking back on history, who was treated worse, Alfonse Capone, legendary mob boss, killer and 'Public Enemy Number One, ' or Paul Manafort", he wrote.

Trump has also questioned why he was not informed that Paul Manafort, his former campaign chief, who also worked with Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and many other highly prominent and respected political leaders, was under investigation. "I don't think there's any reasonable view of this tweet that could be construed that way".

Senator Charles E. Grassley told reporters that he hadn't seen Trump's tweets.

"It's not a secret: I think he'd like to kill the Mueller investigation any way he can, but I hope this country and particularly its representatives will not follow that", she said.

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