Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
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How to set Spotify music as your alarm in Google Clock

How to set Spotify music as your alarm in Google Clock

Roman said that one of the main requests since launch came from Android users who wanted to store music on a hard drive or SD card, which he said is a feature that's now rolling out to subscribers.

Want to wake up with a music alarm? Last but not least, the layout of the YouTube Music app will be refreshed, as Google plans to reorganize how albums, songs, and playlists are arranged by adding a few more options that allow filtering by alphabetical order and genre.

It's being rolled out for devices on Android 5.0 or above this week, so you'll be able to use it by Sunday at the latest.

Obviously you'll need an account to do this, so make sure it's logged in and ready to be linked. You also don't have to be a Spotify Premium user to benefit from this update, as it's something both premium and free users will be getting. Normally, anyway. This time, though, the Clock app is getting Spotify integration. To understand the differences between Spotify Free and Premium, see Pocket-lint's comparison guide here. Users with the Google Clock app installed on their phones will be able to "browse recently played music, choose from Spotify's curated morning playlists, or search for a specific soundtrack" in the clock app.

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After your musical alarm starts playing, you can choose to keep listening to the song on Spotify right where it left off after toggling the alarm off.

With a music alarm, when it goes off, you will hear the playlist or music you've selected to play, making it a whole lot nicer to get moving in the morning.

When you're making/editing an alarm in Google Clock, you'll now see a new Spotify tab next to the Sounds one that houses all of the traditional alarm tones.

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