Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Airline reports plane accident in Durango, Mexico; 101 on board

Airline reports plane accident in Durango, Mexico; 101 on board

Officials said 85 of the survivors who got out of the burning Aeromexico Embraer E190 suffered injuries in the crash.

Shortly after taking off, the plane made an emergency landing about 10km from the airport, Alejandro Cardoza, a spokesman for the state's civil protection agency, said on local television.

One passenger, identified as Jackeline Flores, told reporters she and her daughter escaped from a hole in the fuselage as the aircraft filled up with smoke and flames. We can say that the airplane was not even able to take off at the moment it was forced to land.

"He called us, telling us that he was on the plane, he had the accident, and he called from the hospital, told us he has a broken arm, and some contusions, some pain, and thanks to God nobody died", he said. "This likely caused all on board to survive (or) else it could have ended up a whole lot worse".

Photos posted by Durango Civil Protection show smoke rising from the apparent crash site, which was surrounded by first responders and emergency vehicles.

The pilot, Capt. Carlos Meyran, was the most seriously injured and required surgery.

A shroud of fog and rain is seen outside a window before the plane crashes to the ground.

A US passenger aboard a flight that crashed on takeoff in northern Mexico said Wednesday that a strong burst of wind and hail hit the Aeromexico jetliner, apparently knocking it back to ground, where there were only moments to evacuate before it burned.

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Firefighters and rescue personnel work at the site where an Aeromexico-operated Embraer passenger jet crashed in Durango, Mexico, July 31, 2018. Mechanical failure and human error could be factors, but certainly the weather wasn't favourable.

Operations were suspended at Guadalupe Victoria airport after the crash.

Passengers said they heard a loud noise as the plane's left wing banged to the ground, and both engines tore loose.

Eighty people have been injured after a plane crashed minutes after taking off in Mexico, authorities said. Officials at his parish said shortly after hearing about the crash on local news, the phone rang and incredibly it was Father Esequiel. The flight's pilot is among those injured and is in serious condition with burns, according to Aispuro Torres. The plane has a capacity of 100 passengers.

To70s safety review for 2017 indicated the year was the safest on record for airline passengers, with 13 lives lost in propeller-driven aircraft and no jets crashed in passenger service anywhere in the world.

A Mexican pilots association said a year ago there were 66 accidents and 173 incidents in Mexican aviation.

Embraer, the Brazilian maker of the aircraft, stands ready to assist the Mexican authorities in their investigations, the company said.

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